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About Us

Tantura is a fishing village located in the heart of a coastline that was once considered the central port of the Middle East.

A few years ago, we arrived in Lisbon from Tantura on our honeymoon and it was love at first sight!

This love of ours comes with another old passion that we carry in our hearts - the love of cooking.
A love that began some time ago in our grandmothers' little kitchens - those safe havens of our childhood, always full of memories of other shores, memories of Iraq, Tunisia, Romania, Polonia.

The Team

The Team
Elad e Itamar
Elad e Itamar Elad e Itamar
The search for old homemade food recipes and their perfect interpretation for modern times has become our struggle.
We serve the treasures that we discover in our old ports, and that we bring to this home port that we built here, together, in Lisbon.
So come visit us!
We will be delighted to welcome you!

Here you will find the best-known recipes of Israeli cuisine. Elad e Itamar
Elad e Itamar

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